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Fabric printing / embroidery / jacquard difference

Le 6 September 2017, 06:01 dans Humeurs 0

The market pattern of clothing fabrics a lot, but basically are printing, embroidery, jacquard these kinds of technology to do out of these three kinds of process methods vary widely, so do the flower shape is also very different, then Weifang Henry Textile Co., Ltd. take you to see the characteristics of these three processes and the difference:
Printed fabric: Printing is a dye or paint in the fabric on the fabric to form a pattern of this process, printing is a partial dyeing, for the color fastness of dyes or coatings have a higher demand; printing process is active printing and the general distinction between printing, there is a Printing paper is a thermal transfer printing, this printing paper directly on the fabric fabric, with an iron or heat press machine can be easily transferred to the fabric up, this printing paper is widely used, such as clothing, dolls , T-shirts, hats, shoes, gloves, socks, bags and leather products, plastic products, wood products and so on;

What is finished curtains?

Le 5 September 2017, 04:31 dans Humeurs 0

  Many owners are looking for such a curtain, because they encountered in the selection of curtains can not solve many difficulties.
    How to handle curtains is higher than the cost of materials? Do you have a good curtain? Left and right sides of the curtain image asymmetry? Just renovated house, what style of choice, style curtains appropriate? Why do not a curtain shop curtains can be the same as buying clothes, style to style, to size size, you can pick, you can choose it?
    Although the problem is a bit more, but tell the owners, this curtain really have, called finished curtains.
    What is finished curtains?
    Finished curtains are made by the manufacturers to help consumers complete the election cloth, optional accessories, pick lace, flower selection, style design and other steps, according to certain specifications of the standard mass production molding, after ironing, packaging products.
    Finished curtains are complex and simple to meet the mass production, quality standardization, packaging unified, the product scale series. Finished curtains with labels, logos, including brand, fabric composition, model size, washing and maintenance and other instructions
     Finished curtains have the most intuitive, the most real effect, you can achieve on-site selection, site trial hanging, satisfied with the payment! Finished curtains cost-effective than custom curtains, the same material, the same style, finished curtains cheaper. Finished curtain style, style classic, complete tricks. Buy finished curtains as to buy clothes, buy bedding as convenient as possible.

Burnout fabric and velvet fabric

Le 4 September 2017, 05:33 dans Humeurs 0

velvet fabric

Velvet fabric is a baffeta which seems to be plump, smooth-skinned and villose after napping.It will produce many fluff by pinhole milling technology on the surface of cloth, which is in strong relief perception and feels soft and thick.

Burnout fabric

Burnt-out fabric is a light blended fabric with semitransparent designs on the surface. Burn-out fabric usually use covering yarns (polyester filament yarn covered by colored cotton fiber) to weave into fabric, and then use acid to make printing.

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